Regional Cooperation for Black Sea River Basins Environment Protection  from Agricultural Polluters, REPAIR

The project aims to contribute to partnership and cooperation strengthening in the Black Sea region, especially in the project implementation area that covers regions of Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Georgia. The project is also created to support to promotion of solution of common problems. The purpose of the project is to identify main polluters in the river basins and help to reduce the pollution mainly caused by agricultural activities.

Regional cooperation between the above mentioned countries are united under common purposes to create equal opportunities, reduce gender discrimination, strengthen data networks, and promote the integration of instruments and methodologies. Realization of project activities will increase joint knowledge and expertise; activate civil society and local authorities to promote innovations and exchanging of best practices in the field of environment protection. Participant countries will elaborate a special model environment protection action program for four rivers the Prut –Moldova and Romania, the Rioni - Georgia, the Kamchia - Bulgaria and the Sakarya - Turkey. The document will develop scientific, technical and administrataive competencies for water system environment protection.

The project is funded by the Black sea Joint Operational Programme (Black Sea JOP), Project № 1638.


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Regional Cooperation for Black Sea River Basins Environment Protection from Agricultural Polluters, REPAIR