Cross-border Improvement of solid municipal waste management in Republic of Moldova, Romania and Ukraine (SMWM)

Waste management problem is one of the priority problems for the Republic of Moldova affecting severely the state of surface and underground waters and soils. The most urgent waste management problems are those related to solid municipal waste and organic waste. Recently, at the meeting with the experts of the European Commission, Minister of Environment mentioned again that Waste Management is one of the priorities of Republic of Moldova for the next years.

It is worth mentioning that until recent years in Romania the solid municipal waste system was also not very well developed, for example until 2006 in Iasi county was not established a separate collection of the municipal solid waste system. But together with the accession of Romania to the EU it is mandatory to establish the adequate waste management system based on the EC’s Directives on waste. It is worth mentioning that in Iasi County in July 2009 was approved so called “Master Plan – Long Term Investment Plan for the period 2008-2038 regarding Integrated Solid Waste Management”.

The project results will positively affect the both side of the border by:
  • Increased exchange of people
  • Better cooperation at local level
  • Establishment of cooperation between Local Public Authorities
  • Increased capacities of the local population to lobby their rights for clean environment


The direct cross-border cooperation will be established by:
  • Involvement of experts from Iasi County in the activities in the target region by bringing their experience and specially in the field of establishment of the solid municipal waste collection system
  • It is envisaged to develop a regulatory framework for the Waste Collection Service for the target regions and Romanian experts will help with their knowledge of the EC legislation


The project is funded by the European Union through the Joint Operational Programme Romania-Ukraine-Republic of Moldova 2007-2013, MIS-ETC 1106.

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Cross-border Improvement of solid municipal waste management in Republic of Moldova, Romania and Ukraine (SMWM)