Step by Step Towards Separate Collection of the Solid Waste 

The separate collection of the municipal solid waste is a big problem for Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, especially for small towns and rural areas, because there are no clear perspectives how the collection should be organized.

The cross-border project ”Step by Step Towards Separate Collection of the Solid Waste” aims development of long term solutions for waste collection, management and recycling. It is implemented in two countries - Moldova (Falesti district) and Ukraine (Novoselitsa town, Chernivtsi region) for a period of 14 months.

The pilot project will allow the population of the selected village from Falesti district and the population of Novoselitsa town to choose the most efficient method of selective collection of solid waste. In order to allow the population to take a correct decision the following activities will be organized: public survey, meetings with the population, trainings, conferences, roundtables with LPA. At the same time, the population of both localities from Moldova and Ukraine will be informed about the advantages and disadvantages of each method of selective collection of solid waste, which will allow the citizen to decide objectively on the most efficient method from their point of view.

The project aims to achieve the main results:

  • Environmental improvement in Falesti district (Md) and Novoselitsa town (Ua) and neighbouring region;
  • Studies on methods of waste collection in the rural areas from Falesti district and in the sector of individual houses from Novoselitsa town developed and discussed with population from regions;
  • Reduction of volumes of solid municipal waste, eliminated through storage, including biodegradable waste;
  • Increase of public awareness on the impact caused by an inadequate solid municipal waste storage, including sustainable use of secondary raw materials as glass, PET bottles in Falesti district (Md) and Chernivtsy oblast (Ua).

The project EaPTC 100 is co-funded by European Union through Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Programme Republic Moldova – Ukraine.





Step by Step Towards Separate Collection of the Solid Waste