Regional Environmental Centre Moldova Charter



Whereas the countries of the New Independent States (NIS) have serious environmental problems;

Whereas solutions to these problems will require the co-operative efforts of governments, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and citizens from throughout the region;

Whereas the Declaration of the Sofia Ministerial Conference in October 1995, as well as that of the parallel NGO Conference, called upon the support of interested donors to establish a network of independent regional environmental centres in the NIS;

Whereas it was decided that such centres should be established in Georgia, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and Moldova;

Whereas the Signatories to the present Charter pledge their political and financial support to the activities of the Regional Environmental Centre for Moldova while serving its mission;

The REC Moldova will operate democratically and with complete transparency and openness.

The REC Moldova is hereby established in Moldova by the Signatories to this Charter.

This Charter sets forth the operating structure, functions and purpose of the REC.



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