Regional Grants (Cooperative Grants)

Regional grants of up to EUR 45,000 will be available for joint projects implemented jointly by at least two or three organisations from Belarus and Moldova, as well as other countries, in order to tackle common environmental issues in the region. These grants will support cooperation between CSOs, as well as dialogue between CSOs and authorities and businesses (on issues such as sustainable energy policy, clean energy, climate change, CO2 emissions reductions and pollution prevention).

Cooperation among CSOs will be supported in relation to river basins, national parks and mountain regions, or topics where CSOs share similar problems and difficulties and where cooperation or experience sharing could enable progress to be made.


List of the Regional Grants

  • Chemicals in products: the availability of information to the public – implemented by  Establishment of the Center for Environmental Solutions, in partnership with National Children and Youth Centre Gutta-Club and Eco-Accord;
  • Promotion of Public Participation in international cooperation on integrated management of transboundary river basins of western EECCA – implemented by  Eco-TIRAS International Association of River Keepers, in partnership with Ecoproject;
  • Initiatives for the improvement of the drinking water quality and health of children in rural schools – implemented by  Women's Association for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development, in partnership with Belorusian Public Association Ecological Initiative;
  • Wide awareness raising campaigns and International Bat Night fests - high impact initiatives for protection of endangered bat populations – implemented by  NGO FDDM (Wisdom), in partnership with APB Bird Life Belarus;
  • New lawyer generation active on Aarhus Convention – implemented by  EcoContact, in partnership with EcoHome and  EMLA Association, Hungary;
  • The development of cooperation between transport unions of Belarus and Moldova to join the global campaign Smart Move and the achievement of sustainable mobility of people – implemented by  Republican Public Association Belarusian Union of Transport Workers, in partnership with Moldova union of transport and National Union of Road Hauliers from Romania;
  • Media campaigns and cooperation for the better environmental public information and participation and problem solving – implemented by Association of the Environment and Ecological Tourism Journalists of the Republic of Moldova (AJMTEM), in partnership with CSO Green Network.




Regional Grants