Promoting Technology Innovation in Environmental Monitoring and Modelling for Assessment of Fish Stock and Non-Fish Resources (TIMMOD)

TIMMOD will focus to improve the joint environmental monitoring and modelling by facilitating Technology Innovation, improve the availability and quality of data, the cooperation in sharing of data for water quality, biodiversity statistics, assessment of fish and non-fish living resources of the Black Sea - in line with the EU’s Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD), Data Collection Framework (DCF), Blue Growth Strategy, Black Sea Convention on Environmental Protection, and other EU and regional policies and conventions.

The project main activities include:

1) Study, analysis, and developing an inventory of innovative solutions (including future and emerging technologies), and recommendations for adaption and implementation in the conditions of Black Sea;

2) Capacity building of relevant researchers, scientists, surveyors, from concerned research organisation, state environmental agencies, and (where appropriate) local or national governments;

3) Pilot demonstration projects - on adoption of innovative solutions, and demonstration of a number of ICT tools developed within this project, relevant to improve data sharing and provide open (cloud/web-based) access to data;

4) Development of an Innovation Strategy for further adoption and implementation of innovative environmental monitoring methodologies and tools, providing sustainability of project results after completion of the project.

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