Promoting Technology Innovation in Environmental Monitoring and Modelling for Assessment of Fish Stock and Non-Fish Resources (TIMMOD)

TIMMOD focuses on improving the joint environmental monitoring and modelling by facilitating Technology Innovation, improving the availability and quality of data, the cooperation in sharing of data for water quality, biodiversity statistics, assessment of fish and non-fish living resources of the Black Sea - in line with the EU’s Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD), Data Collection Framework (DCF), Blue Growth Strategy, Black Sea Convention on Environmental Protection, and other EU and regional policies and conventions.

Specific objectives of the project are:

1) Achieve enhanced capacity of project partner organisations (and other stakeholders), to provide, use, and share, reliable and compatible environmental data for water quality parameters, fish and non-fish living resources.

This specific objective will be achieved by elaboration of a detailed inventory on technology innovation (incl. future and emerging technologies), and review on best practices, tested and demonstrated in Pilot Demonstration Projects (in the sea space near Bulgaria and Georgia).

2) Achieve better cooperation, improved environmental data-sharing between Black Sea partners, by creation of a set of ICT shared tools.

This will be achieved by comprehensive analysis on various ICT tools for data handling and numerical modelling of marine environment, including high-level implementation of ocean-current modelling, and development of web-based data tools, integrated in a pilot demonstration Monitoring and Modelling Data Sharing Platform (MMDSP).

3) Put on the agenda an Innovation Strategy, designed to bring together (national, regional, EU) regulations and permits, combined with new monitoring and information technology, expanded transparency, and innovative enforcement.

The Innovation Strategy is intended to scale-up the project results in all Black Sea area for years ahead - in line with the rapid technological growth – this way to secure sustainability of project results for “improving joint environmental monitoring”.

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